Best material for Hen Saddle?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by needmorechickens!, Feb 19, 2009.

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    I am gonna make a saddle for my hen LuLu. She has always been the most popular girl in the run, but now its starting to show.
    I have found several different patterns on other threads...What is the best kind of material to use?

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    I was wondering the same thing for my hen Fred, so bumb.
  3. I bought a few from a BYC member made with denim lining. (As in the underside that touches the hen is made from a thin sheet of denim.) On the top is a very thin sheet of...some sort of fabric...that is sewed on. I have, however, heard of saddles being made out of polar fleece and work just fine.
  4. I had to saddle all 7 of my hens. They were made of denim and really stood up to my Roosters claws. Sometimes the claws of an over zealous Roo can go right thru or shred other materials.

    IMO use heavy duty denim.

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    how about using Kevlar [​IMG]
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    One post I read said that if they were lined with flannel they didn't slide so much. Haven't tried it though!

  8. I swore I would never need this but, I'm going to attempt to make one out of a curved piece of a plastic soda bottle covered in fabric. My poor RIR hen has way too much attention. 3 hens and one rooster and this one screams and runs for food/water ducking low trying to escape him. I'll have to make a bachelor pad soon for sure.

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