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Aug 15, 2021
Western WI
Ok, first time brood hen mom. Actually, super excited as bird flu, though it has slowed down is still something in the back of my mind, and other integration concerns are real. I read through the thousands of broody hen threads, thank you everyone for posting your questions and replies-very educational, so I have learned a lot already but I have two questions.

1. Where is the best place to place the broody and her nest. Right now she is in the top nesting box (the favorite one of all hens) and it is about waist high off the floor (floor has a covering of 1 ft deep straw/pine shavings) do I move her to one of the other boxes underneath (about knee high) or try and put her under the boxes on the floor is a different crate (would have to add new-which isn't a problem just not already there) or just leave her where she is, my concern is height for the chicks. Under the nesting boxes are where the chickens snuggle in during the cold winter days but not so much in the summer so there is space, and it is the furthest spot from the open pop up door so they shouldn't just fall out.

2. Right now I have a cinder block in the run outside the pop up door as the chickens step to get outside. The drop from the pop up door to the cinder block is about 8 inches and then the height of the cinder block to the ground is similar. Is this too much for the chicks to get in and out of the coop? Do I need a ladder or to create some other steps? I do have some stumps that I could gradually cut down into steps if that is easier for them.

Thank you, I have NO experience with chicks.
I set up my broodies on a ground nest.
I would use a large wire dog crate and set up a plush nest in there with fake eggs and cover the top and sides with an old towel. If she is truly broody, she should take to the nest.
I wrote an article explaining how I graft a broody to the brooding nest and how I manage her once grafted. Once she is fully grafted to the nest I give her the eggs I want her to hatch.
This gal grafted in a matter of minutes but I gave her a full day to make sure she was sitting tight before giving her the eggs. She is on day 3.

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