Best place for a coop?

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    We've found a great coop and are excited for our new chicken adventure! I'm wondering though if anyone has advice on the best placement of a coop. We have a side yard about 7' wide and 24' long where we are planning the dedicated chicken area. However, a neighbor mentioned putting the coop as far away from the house as possible as it may attract rats, mice and other vermin. Does anyone have advice or experience with keeping a coop so close to your home?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I would first check your local ordinances,most have restrictions as how far they need to be from your house.
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    The mice and vermin will roam your entire property at night, coop or no coop and that includes around your house. Just look at all the youtube videos of raccoons coming into homes through pet doors to eat dog and cat food.

    A coop kept close to the house will probably be kept cleaner.
    Depends more on the lay of the land, climate and available shade.
    A high or well drained spot in the shade is most important. Chickens will quickly denude all soil in the run of vegetation and if the spot stays wet at all, it will become a mud pit.
    Heat kills chickens, not cold. So the coolest shadiest spot on the property is where I recommend.
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