Best place for mail-order eggs?

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    May 7, 2015
    Today is day #22 of my first shot at hatching eggs, and sadly, it looks like nothing is happening. I had a super-broody hen all summer and got tired of it so I ordered eggs for her, and the day before they arrived her broodiness broke, I think for the winter. So I had to borrow an incubator, and I had no idea what I was doing. The 5 eggs arrived intact and well-insulated with packing material, I let them sit at room temp for 12 hours and then put them in the incubator with an automatic turner (it is a Little Giant styrofoam incubator, there doesn't seem to be a fan so I guess it's a still air incubator). I didn't try to candle the eggs until like day 16 because I was afraid to touch or move them, and when I tried I couldn't see anything (but truthfully, when I look at photos of candled eggs on BYC, I don't see what people are talking about either). I took the turner out on day #18 and opened the 2nd ventilation plug and put more water in the channels to increase the humidity. The person I borrowed the incubator from told me to place the plastic film with the heater directly on top of the eggs, so that's why I did.

    I haven't candled them, and of course today BOTH of my kids bumped into the incubator and rattled it around. I don't see anybody trying to crack outta there. At what point do I give up?

    Finally, I'm already looking at having to order more eggs, so does anyone have recommendations? I got the first batch from Murray McMurray. I'm just looking for egg layers, and I don't live in a rural area and I don't know anywhere local to get reliable eggs from.

    Any good mail order places other than Murray McMurray?
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    Sorry about your unsuccessful hatch. :(I think you will find votes for and against every hatchery that sells eggs. The thought is: if the eggs hatch it's an awesome hatchery...if they don't it's a terrible hatchery. In reality it may not be the fault of the hatchery, but the distance the eggs had to travel to get to you, thus more handling by the postal service. If I was in your place I'd post in my state thread to see if anyone has a lead on a breeder who might be closer. Maybe you could drive to get them or if by mail, maybe only a day away, as days in the mail seems to have a major factor in hatching success. Good luck to you!

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