Best position last 3 days? on side or big end up? Now on day 20

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I have been hatching for a while now and have 120 eggs in incubator on day 20.
I have many pips put they are all ways about the middle of the egg and not at the large end. I candled along the way and all air cells were big enough and chicks are very active. I run the humidity at 55% for 18 days and 65% last 3 days. I always have a 10-20 that pip but don't seem to get out ok.

Would it make a difference to set them up again like in the auto turners or is it to late to mess with them?
if i had that many that pip and don't hatch, i would try lower humidty for days 1-18 ( i use 30-40 % for days 1-18, then bring it up to 45-55% for the hatch, and i have 95% hatch rate) they could be drowning at pip, just a thought william
I would say it is too late to mess with them..

How are you going to do it without opening the bator and compromising all the eggs /..
i was wondering this too...if they are used to being up right like in an auto egg it best for them to hatch up right too? does it compromise the hatch by taking them from being upright to being on their sides for the last 3 days? if so, this would explain my last hatch problem....first time using auto turner....
do a search for the egg carton method of hatching. I have read a lot about it on here and I am trying it this time around.
I have used the "egg carton" method in the last hatch. I do not think is all that much better, but it sure does keep the little buggers that hatch out first from disturbing the others.

I had two hatch out in the egg turner last time, they were leghorns and I did manage to see them in time.

I use only the cardboard type of egg carton and make sure the lid is cut off and the number of holes matches the number of eggs.
Be sure to make sure your carton has holes in the bottom of the places for the eggs for the humidity.

I usually go to day 19 on the turner. I put in an extra container of water in the bator after the turner comes out. I do not candle until the day I take the turner out and I tried very hard not to open the bator until everyone is out and drying.
I cut paper towel tubes into rings, and use those to keep the eggs upright, but slightly tilted. Resulted in nice clean hatches. From my limited experiments - can't say that it was a better hatch rate, but still, they seemed to hatch more easily and quickly. The only drawback, if you had a chick that formed on the other end......which does happen......(to me, in my TX, if they rotated and I didnt catch them in time).

As a last resort, and if they are the last eggs in the hatcher, I go ahead and help them. 6 of them had pipped, then had not progressed for 24 hours.....That happened to me over the weekend, and here's the result:


good luck!!
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taking them from the turner and laying them on their sides does nothing to harm the hatch.. It has been done like that for years by
mil.. bil... trillions of eggs..

look for other possible causes first...

I have left eggs in the turner at what ever angle it happens to be when I stop it and I notice no difference in the hatch rate..
I use a turner for my Hova and have no problems taking them out and laying them down on the wire to hatch out, 100% on my last hatch even.

My thoughts humidity problems.

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