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    Mar 16, 2016
    I'm interested in adding some Welsummers to my flock sometime in the future (I'm a very newbie chicken owner - my flock is still just eggs in an incubator!). However, they don't seem to be such a popular breed around here. The one person I know who sometimes sells them will only 'maybe' have chicks in the fall.

    So, if I want some sooner, what's the best (most fool proof, cheapest, easiest, or whatever) way of doing it? Ordering eggs from another breeder or a hatchery (and if so, which ones? Checked out My Pet Chicken and they sell chicks, but not hatching eggs)? Ordering chicks (that does make me a little nervous, but maybe that's silly?)? Finding someone with a couple of hens and a rooster that they're willing to part with (and how to do that)?

    The eggs I have now are all from local hobby breeders.

    I live in NY, if that makes a difference.
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    Check local feedstores and craigslist! :D

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