best way to clean an egg???

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Chick_in_Indiana, Jan 8, 2008.

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    I've read so many didnt things I really dont know what is best. I've read water and vinegar mix,use warm water, dont use water because it drives bacteria in and then just littly brush off the eggs which dont work for me because the chickens tend to lay their eggs in the ducks nest and they get very ucky. So any advice would be great. Also I have a chicken laying thin shells. I read if you give extra calicum (oyster shells) it can upset the balance of the layers feed and can do more harm then anything. Again, thaks for any help.
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    Well, everyone has their own way of cleaning eggs, here is what I do....

    All the eggs that look clean, are just put in a basket on the counter.
    If they just have a few spots of dirt or poo, then I wet a paper towel with hot water and gently dab or wipe off the dirt.
    If they are somewhat more dirty or are muddy (ducks) I wash them under quite warm running water and use a wet paper towel or sponge to get them clean. Often I use a tiny drop of dish soap or the most natural soap that I have and then rinse well.
    This type of washing will remove the protective coating so I dry them with a paper towel and then refrigerate them immediately.
    If they are really really poopy.... I throw them out. :eek:

    Other than in the U.S., most place neither wash their eggs nor refrigerate them. But, if chickens arent in roll out layer cages then there is no guarantee their eggs will always be spotless. And ducks.... well, they love mud!
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    I do the same as eggchel, except I never use soap -- if they were just for me I wouldn't clean them at all, but I feel weird selling dirty eggs!

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