Best way to give medication?


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Aug 7, 2014
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for giving medication. I have to give my chicken medication-1 and half tablets (twice a day) and some liquid twice a day. I have no instructions at all on how to administer-I presumed there would be a guide so didn't really look whilst at the vet. It seems like a massive task trying to get a chicken to have tablets (they're big tablets as well) and liquid twice a day! I don't even know if I can give them at the same time. I thought about crushing the tablets and putting them in food-does anyone have any particular food that tablets are good in? Or maybe it would be best to dissolve the tablets and/or liquid in water? Just a little lost on the best course of action, I don't see how I can really get much medication down her-it's not exactly like giving tablets to a dog and that's difficult enough! I don't really want to bother the vet again, just need some ideas. Thank you.
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Get some canned cat food or dog food, portion it into 1oz give or take servings, crush the tablet(s) and mix it in and mix in the liquid as well...

You now have portioned medicated 'treats' that the chickens will generally gobble down in no time flat...

Isolate each bird one by one (in a dog crate for example) with a portion of the medicated cat/dog food and a bowl of water... It should only take them a few minutes to gobble the food down, repeat with each chicken...
Since the vet prescribed the medication I would call them. It is their job to educate you on how to treat your pet (chicken). Ask all the same questions you asked here. You are not bothering them. You paid them good money and they can answer all your questions.

Good luck I hope you chicken gets well.

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