Best way to install roost bars across a 14 ft wall


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Jun 27, 2021
We are thinking about getting another shed to convert to a coop at the farm. One wall would be14 ft long, and we were thinking if we got it we could install 2 roost bars along that wall of the shed. What is the best way to do this? It is so much easier to think about with 8 ft walls since 2x3’s come in 8 ft. Hoping some of you can offer ideas & suggestions!
16' 2x6 ripped down the center, mounted to each wall with brackets or toenailed, with a couple supports running to the ground. Depending on how high you put them 2 of the supports could be the 2ft you cut off the 16ft 2x6 also ripped in half
I have a 10 ft roost. I have a 2x4 held up with these hangers and 3 vertical supports. I pop that 2x4 in the hangers (so that the 4 in side is face up) and pop it out when I do a deep clean. I LOVE it. You'd need a longer board, bug you could also use shorter boards and place the vertical supports where they meet.

Drop verticals from the ceiling to support the roosts in the middle. On the ends I put a small section of 2x4 on the wall, set the ends of the roosts on those, drilled a hole in them and dropped large nails in those holes to hold the roost steady. I used tree limbs instead of sawn lumber for roosts. You could screw them in place instead of using removable nails if you want but that makes them harder to remove.

You can use an 8' section and a 6' section of 2x3 to get the length of your roost. There is nothing that says they have to be one continuous piece of wood. If you do want it to be in one continuous piece, use that 2' cutoff as a splice plate. Center the 2' piece over the joint and use screws to join them into one long piece. Be careful handling that long piece so it doesn't break. Once in place and supported it should be OK.

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