Best way to make a roost? & Sleeping standing up question


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Mar 15, 2008
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My baby chicks are a week old now and they are my first. When I take them out to hold them they really seem to want to use my finger as a perch and seem to enjoy "roosting on my finger". I was thinking it might be something they would like in their brooder box.

I was wondering if you all had some ideas on the best materials and type of roost I could make for them. I am no carpenter so something simple would be great

Also, my littlest chick seems to fall asleep on his feet instead of laying down. Is this normal? Could it have something to do with the fact that I had to clean his butt and put a little vaseline on there? Is he not feeling well? I know he used to snuggle down on the floor to rest and I haven't noticed if he still does. Just noticed today he is closing his eyes and drifting off while standing up.
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It's not uncommon to see them sleep while in the middle of running, let alone standing! lol Anyway, when chicks get big enough they want to roost, I have put a couple of 1x4's together, about 2 feet long, in the shape of a capital T with wood screws for this, and it seems to work well enough. Good luck!
We had our chick in a 3'x3' box and ran wooden dowels across the box through 2 small holes on the sides of the box, taped them to the outside of box so they wouldn't spin. We have also seen people put small logs in the coops. The bigger they get the bigger the round the roosting stick should be. In our tractor coop they have wooden closet pole to roost on. Good luck and enjoy they grow up quick!
Thank you for the info
I think I will try buying a wooden dowel tomorrow and see if I can make holes in the sides of their box .
I cut a 2x4 down the center,cut a square hole in each end of my box a slid the 2x2 through. At nap time there is no room on the roost. They have been roosting since they were 2wks old. Oh and my roost is about 5 inches high.

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