Best ways to cure egg bound hen?

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  1. Buffygirl

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    I have an eggbound hen and so far I have given her a warm bath and steamed her bottom. I heard somewhere that you can wrap warm flannel around her, but what are some other ways? Is there something I can feed her to help? If nothing works, I am willing to try poking a hole in the egg, but is it dangerous? Can you give me instructions in how to do it?

  2. CMV

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Set her on a heating pad.

    There are no feed options to help. You can give free choice oyster shells to hens to ensure their shells stay strong, but that won't help at this point.

    Breaking the egg up inside is a very risky proposition. I have never done it. If you do eventually go down that road then you will need to put her on some heavy-duty antibiotics afterwards to prevent an infection.

    I hope she passes the egg soon.
  3. kidcody

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    Sometimes using vegtalable oil place up and inside the vent will help.
  4. 7L Farm

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    If you can feel the egg around her vent I would lube the egg inside her vent. What happens is the egg drys up & she can't push it out. If she's running a fever I'd give her some antibiotics.
  5. florida lee

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    Apr 6, 2011
    I agree with 7L. Lub is your best bet. Then massage gently. Don't break the egg. That would be a very last option and is dangerous but of course she can die from being egg bound also.

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