Best window placement in a coop?


May 20, 2017
Looking to find out what the best placement for Windows and door with window in it is for sunlight and ventilation purposes?
North and South or east and west? North and east? Ect...
South-facing windows will let in the maximum amount of light through-out the day and provide extra winter heat. I would consider your local weather and climate to determine where to put the door. Where I live, the winter snow blows in from the North/Northwest, so my walk door is going to be on the East or Southeast wall. I am also taking into consideration where the drifts will form so I don't have to shovel out as much.
^^^ X2. In the northern temperate climates, windows and coop face south......always south to the winter sun. And high and dry on a well drained site.......facing south. Door on the east.
We used an existing shed so there wasn't much we could do but it has worked out really well.

The walk-in door faces west. The popdoor faces east. There are windows on the north & south walls. There is a vent near the roof on the east wall.

Since the run is on the east side, it's shaded by the coop from the hot, afternoon sun in the summer. There are also trees and the run roof. Most of our weather comes from the west/northwest so that south window can stay at least partially open year around. There is also a barn about 25' (north) from the coop which helps protect from the cold, winter wind & snow. In the winter we attach a clear tarp on the first 8' of the run on the north side which helps keep the run dry and warmer.

Here is a view of our back yard. This looks to have been taken late day in the winter.
the coop and run will be along the south side of the fence at the edge of our property which is where the shed is in this pic.
the coop will prob be in the back near the exsisting shed.
we are planning on having the door face the property (north)( It also has the pop door) with either a window on the south or just ventilation at the top of the coop on the south.
I think the nest box is slated to be added to the east side for ease of access.
No venting or window on the west side.
Any input?
We are in SC where it gets hot and humid in the summers.
I could possibly switch the door and nest box if that would be a better idea.
our coop will be 8x8 with a slight pitch from the north to south... Or vice versa.
IMO there are several factors that can help you decide. For me the primary issue is summer heat and prevailing directions from which storms and high winds can come. I think you likely have the same summer issues, but colder winters and snow?

I have an all in one covered raised coop and run, so this may not help with your type of coop?

But, here's how I picked the site and the details:

1- Used a spot with deciduous tree canopies to offer more sun in the winter and shade in the summer (west and south suns are brutal).

2- the prevailing direction from which storms hit here is important IMO - almost all of ours come from the west and occasionally from the southwest side. So added windows North and East - both have shutters to adjust for the rare winter cold winds from the northeast. And have high ventilation holes on both the east and west sides.

3-the chicken door and ramp exit on the south side - (the trees and roof over the coop/run shade this area). We add a thick plastic windbreak during the winter ( don't remember what that stuff is called).

4- my egg box is external so I placed those on the north to help keep the ladies cooler in the summer:)

Good luck with your coop plans.
those are good points to consider...

I would have to research to find out where the majority of our storms come from... I would venture to say most move in from the east. We are in a hurricane prone area so I have to take that into consideration as well...

DO you think having the nest box on the east side or the door (with large window and pop door) on the east side would be better?

I can figure out the rest with either smaller windows or some ventilation near the roof.
research to find out where the majority of our storms come from
I found mine by doing a google search - there's a lot of weather history and stats "out there".
Hurricanes are impossible to plan for - I'm in the Middle of GA - but we do get some weird weather when hurricanes come around.

DO you think having the nest box on the east side or the door (with large window and pop door) on the east side would be better?
The east side would be perfect IMO.

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