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Aug 10, 2020
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Well, I thought Cooter Brown is a person, like a celebrity or historic person that I haven't heard of. 😂 That shows how little I know about Texas. Or Arkansas. Or Tex-arkansas. (I'm diggin' myself a hole, here aren't I?)
Cooter Brown's Is a beer store I don't know if it's a person . I was going to see my son that's in the USAF in Texas and I saw a sine that said Cooter Brown's Beer and wine sales. I also know that There is a Turtle that is called a River Cooter at any rate a friend used to say that he saw another friend and he was drunker than Cooter Brown.

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Still crazy after all these years.
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Aug 26, 2009
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Welcome to BYC. I always thought(as a kid) that my parents were real cheapskates. They never seemed to have money for anything. Then I grew up and realized they didn't have much money and were doing the best they could.

My father used to love bagging groceries for nice looking women. Of course he neglected my mother's groceries and she and I had to manage on our own. When he lost his job as a printer, he could have worked at the store and gotten paid as a bagger. But no. He just wanted to flirt.
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