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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by key west chick, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. key west chick

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    May 31, 2008
    Gainesville, GA
    Im in charge of picking out a breed of chicken for my parents. I have it narrowed to Wyandottes and Orpingtons. In your opinion, which lays

    #1- larger eggs?
    #2- more eggs?
    #3- better winter production?
  2. A.T. Hagan

    A.T. Hagan Don't Panic

    Aug 13, 2007
    North/Central Florida
    Six of one, half dozen of the other.
  3. Crehan

    Crehan Out Of The Brooder

    Sep 13, 2011
    Montgomery, AL
    Orpingtons! of course! they are the best breed ever!

    Have better performance than wyandontes
  4. kevinhannan

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    Aug 3, 2011
    @ JodyJo
    brilliant link - thanks for sharing.
  5. aoxa

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    Get half of each! [​IMG] I find Wyandottes more appealing to the eye, but my SL is hard to catch. She only comes when I have food. The rest jump right up in my lap. Don't know about Orpingtons though.. I can't seem to find any around my province.

    I would suggest a barred rock though. They are WONDERFUL. Great layers/winter friendly/ beautiful/sweethearts!
  6. clucksbc

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    Aug 9, 2011
    I was just browsing through the first egg postings
    and the orpingtons seemed quite large...
    I just got a star sexlink cross....
    was thinking I had big eggs to look forward to but now am not so conviinced
  7. BlazeJester

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    Aug 2, 2011
    Midway, GA
    Plymouth Rocks (barred, partridge, columbian, white, etc etc) are VERY friendly, tolerate confinement but are smart about free-ranging (I didn't have a coop for 2 years), and lay straight through Southeast winters (Atlanta and Upstate SC) without batting an eye.

    I don't know what region your parents live in, but I'd definitely recommend rocks for people who haven't had chickens, or want friendly ones.

    I haven't seen my Australorps lay, but they're so hefty that I'd have a hard time believing they'd slow down much except for the coldest winters. Living in the South definitely has its advantages!!!
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  8. hmmcc123

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    Apr 27, 2011
    University Place, WA
    I'm not sure about Wyandottes but my Buff Orpingtons lay about 4-5 eggs a week. We just got our chicks in March so we haven't the winter experience yet but I think I read that the Buff Orpingtons are good winter layers. Good luck!

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