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Apr 22, 2015
Ontartio Canada.
We had people over to visit this weekend. Most of the couples have kids between the ages of new born and 11. There was over ten kids and lots of adults. I'm new to chickens and raising them and I'm doing the best I can for them. The chickens are about 6 weeks old now. A few weeks ago I built a run out of some 2X4's and mesh for the day light hours. It is light enough to move around the yard so they get new grass daily while there coop is underconstrution. Any way it was amazing to see how many people preferred to watch the chickens, rather than the TV. It was great to see the kids wanting to hold them and they asked a lot of questions and maybe someday they might start there own flock.

It was just nice to get a surprise I didn't expect to get from chickens.
I have a large aquarium that I use as a brooder when I have chicks, we call it the "chickevision."

Welcome to BYC, and the unexpected joys of chicken keeping. May your little flock live long and prosper!
Funny...I too will often walk away from the television and sit by the coop, tossing dog food, one piece at a time, into the run.

Not so much to annoy my dog, but to be entertained by the birds excitement...
We have a rule of no TV when company is over, so that's a moot point for us. But we find the animals are a huge draw for entertainment. So are shovels and a place for kiddos to dig in the dirt.....

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