Betty's dying. Again.


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Dec 11, 2009
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My three-year old Light Brahma Betty is sick again for the second time in the past few months. I nursed her through the last one by swiping some of my cat's antibiotics and giving them to her. It pulled her through what appeared to be certain death, and she has been fine until yesterday.

She's extremely lethargic, just wants to squat in a corner with her head facing the fence. She won't eat. Her poop has been normal until last night when it turned to green bile. But she hasn't been eating so it's not unusual. She can still stand, and her eyes are clear. She just doesn't want to eat or do anything but lie down.

Since the antibiotics seemed to help last time she was this way, I assume she has a recurring infection, and I'm just guessing it's in her egg duct since she hasn't laid in a long, long time, maybe a year.

I had a good cry, dripping all over her little head as I cuddled her in my arms, and now I figure to let nature take its course.

Unless someone has a good idea I could try to save her.
I lost my brahma girl at 3 years old too, she was an internal layer
Nothing you can do about it even if you take the bird to the vet and have surgery done on the bird it will probably still happen
I am soo sorry for you and your girl

Is she a hatchery bird? They don't seem to live as long as birds from breeders do.
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I got her and her two sisters off Craig's list when she was about three weeks old. The person had ordered the minimum order and needed to thin her herd, so I assume Betty is a hatchery bird.

On that note, I know Brahmas are noted for their ponderous weight, but mine can barely make it onto the perch at night. Recently I built them a ladder to make it easier to reach the perch, and it's less than 30 inches from the floor. The other two seem okay, but only one is still laying.

But I love my Brahmas. These girls, until Betty got sick, would all three crowd into my lap for a snuggle, and that's no mean feat for these huge girls and my meager lap.
Awww They are a very sweet natured breed. I wish there was something I could think of to do for her but if she is having internal laying issues I don;t think there is much to do for that. I tried soaking my snowflake in the tub to see if that would relax her so she could get that egg out but shortly after her soak she passed away
You could try giving her some scrambled eggs?
Thanks for the support and the reinforcement of my belief it's the end for my sweet Betty.

She is in a dog crate on my work bench in the garage. The door is open, but she just would rather lie quietly in the straw bedding. She has access to an assortment of food and water, but is interested in none of it. She did nibble a bit of tuna when I first got her up this morning.

In a bit, when it warms up some, I plan on getting her two sisters out of the pen, and taking Betty out to join them for one last romp on the compost pile which has been recently reinforced with some cow pies. She may not be able to do more than just watch her sisters, but it should bring her a little joy.

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