Beyond frustrated


5 Years
May 16, 2014
Finger Lakes, NY
I am fed up today! Im so sick of my coop, my run, the mud. It seems like a darn daily battle. My coop doors are cockeyed and not shutting properly so Ive rigged up a bunch of boards and HC to keep out predators. But now, every time I have to access the coop, I have to take it all down, then put it all back up.

Its been raining for 1,000 days so everything is muddy. I hate the mud, Im sinking and sliding. Everything with my coop and run is just tiring. I just want a big coop that I can go out and in without fighting. Is that too much to ask? Yes! Cause I cant build anything and Im too poor to buy a new coop. Ok rant over! (not my pictures)

What I thought having chickens would be like:

What my having chickens is actually:
Nov 5, 2018
Birmingham UK
Oh my GOSH I know EXACTLY how you feel! It's been raining here too and everytime I go out to tend to the chickens it's so gross and muddy everywhere it just makes me curse having to go outdoors. My coop is also a semi shoddy work in progress and despite fixing it up lately it is still nothing close to my dream coop. Some days the poop and mess just get to me and makes me think, why oh why do I do this? :he:th

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