Big Changes in store for our Homestead, this year!!


10 Years
Dec 6, 2009
While sharing this and telling you about it, I am trying out the new BYC. Which seems slow now, but maybe after all the gears are greased we will be good!! But anyhow our little Homestead will be experiencing some major changes this year!!!

We will be making a few coop adjustments, adjusting the roosts, mainly. But my most favorite will be the fact that we are adding Heritage Delawares to our flock! :woot On the quest for the perfect Homesteading chicken breed(s) we have tried out Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Black Australorps, Dominiques, and Buff Orpingtons. And so far the Black Australorps have been what we have been impressed with the most. So they will be staying on, the younger ones anyway. All of the older hens will be sold. Then we will start a Del flock, from eggs hatched by a breeder. We also plan to add another female duck, to the pair that I have. Home hatched of course. Then will be hatching Heritage Standard Bronze Turkeys :woot we plan to start with a pair, and let her hatch out more the next spring. With an end result of 5 hens and a tom. This is just poultry changes LOL

Then I need to make wire adjustments and install pellet feeders, and hay mangers in the older rabbit hutch. Then if the French Lops cannot reproduce sucessfully this go around, one will be retire (she is my pet) and the other 4 will be sold off. Its been terrible getting the does bred. First go around, two didnt take and one lost em, Second go around two didnt take and one lost em, now we are on the Third go around and the kindling date was yesterday and no kits. The first two times they were bred under the Lop buck and I used a different buck this time. So we will see........if its unsucessful, I will either purchase a pair of Californian rabbits or New Zealand pair.

Then we are getting a Jersey milk cow in the spring, we have started a fund for her that originates with animal money. We know it will be expensive but every little bit helps.......

Hope you enjoyed!
Good luck with your plans for 2012!

Love Jersey cow eyes!

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