Big egg


12 Years
May 22, 2007
St. Johns, Michigan
It's the biggest egg I've ever seen.


Compared to another egg from the same hen (probably Extra Large).


On the scale (in grams). A large egg weighs around 60g, iirc.

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MY MY MY thats a big one. How long is it. A couple of weeks ago I had one that was 2 1/2 inchs. Someone beat me and showed one that was 2 3/4 inchs so I didn't show it on here. But it was a double yoker. Let us know if yours is.
I'd lay odds that is a double yolker. Every time we get a big one with that rings around the middle that looks like two eggs stuck together, there are two yolks.

One of my Buffs sqawked out this big one the other day! She gives us double yolkers regularly. I was concerned about a blowout so I was checking chicken butts, something I never knew I would be doing or even say!
Yes, it's almost certainly a double yolker (if not a triple). The band around the middle is on all of her eggs, though. All of her eggs are very large, too(around 70g). If her eggs keep getting larger as she ages, I really have to wonder what a double-yolker will look like in 2 years.:eek:
That is awesome! I have a couple Buff Orpington hens that we bought from an auction that are supposed to be laying. This was 4 weeks ago and we have yet to see the first egg. My husband keeps threatening chicken soup! I even keep the lights on in the coop so they aren't affected by the day light getting shorter.
I have two white leghorns that lay giant eggs. They each lay one a day, and I get a double yolker about every other day. The strange thing is that even when one of those two lays a double yolker, she still gives me a nice big egg the next day. I used to think that a hen could only make one yolk every 24 hours. Not those two!! They can do better than that!! I know that the eggs are coming from them because they are my only white egg layers.

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