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Apr 4, 2009
Rudy, Arkansas
I had just got in bed saturday night. I heard a chicken screamining. So I got up and got dressed. While I was I heard My Great Pyrenes growling and whining. it sounded bad.... I grabbed the shotgun and ran. Well to make a short story shorter. She killed the owl..... As I was running around the house she was walking towards me with this huge thing hanging out of her mouth.... I was shocked!!! I hope I can't get in trouble for that.... Just thought I would share.... Poopie is the dog!!! If I knew how to put pictures up I would.
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What a brave dog! Did she get hurt from the owl at all?? They have some nasty talons..

and no, you cant get in trouble for your dog killing an owl on your property... How could you have prevented it from happening? There was no way...
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She did have a couple blood spots on her. But nothing serious.... It looks like the owl was eating a chicken on the ground. and did not have time to fly and get away from Poopie.....

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