Big moult.... and probably some pecking

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Sep 13, 2020
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Hi all, your advice would be gratefully appreciated on the following: 2 sister hens, favourite of my rooster Dennis, usually big brassy girls with a good position in the flock, both have taken a very severe moult and I think one of them is being pecked even barer by a lady in the flock who tends to do some pecking. She's lost a great deal of weight and her gullet and bum are almost bare :( She used to be first to the feeders but now skulks off a bit though is eating. Would you ever separate a moulting hen - or indeed separate off the lady/ladies who may be pecking her remaining feathers? This has happened over 3 weeks but this morning I noticed the bare gullet and bum for first time.


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Looks like a heavy molt to me.
Watch to see that she's eating a little something. Personally, I don't separate birds unless they are being picked on severely.
A molting bird will be a bit more timid and doesn't want to participate that much until they start to feather in more - that's my experience anyway.
Add another feed station during molt and see that they have plenty of room.


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Heavy molt can cause protein deficiencies due to the demand on the body for protein to form new feather growth. This in turn can cause behavior issues. The solution is simple. Feed more animal protein throughout the molting period.

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