Big News! Starting a training biz! Need name suggestions!

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by watchdogps, Jan 21, 2012.

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    I've always worked in animals, usually dogs. I've been a trainer before but got burned out on the general public, so went other ways for a while. I owned a very successful pet sitting biz for ten years. Then my mom died, my marriage was a wreck and some various other bad stuff. We moved into my mom's place two hours away, I sold my biz and thought I'd find a new path in life. Instead, I got really depressed, worked piddly little jobs and was generally unhappy. We moved again, to a whole new town, and I still had no direction. I realized I NEED to be immersed in animals, it's who I am. My husband finally relented in his "get a real job" tirade and sees that I need to work with animals and I need to be my own boss.

    I started helping a friend at her grooming shop, and she said I could teach a class there. Well, it felt so good to be heading in that direction, I started looking for ways to make it more. I called a local mall and asked about holding classes there, not my own space just an area for a few hours a week. They offered me a space at a VERY reasonable price, and it would be all mine! I can offer as much as I want, and it's perfect and has room for a lot of other options, too.

    There are very few trainers here, and NO true positive trainers. It's a smaller town so I may have to work harder at marketing, but I can do that. The mall is enthusiastic about helping me promote it, too (because they are getting a percent of my income, LOL!)

    I'm really excited, and already feeling myself rising out of the funk I've been in for two years.

    I need name suggestions. I am a positive, force-free trainer. Any ideas? Nothing with Paws in it, there are too many already!
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    No,no bad dog

    Good Luck!
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    I like petiquette!

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