Big Red Ball Below The Vent


7 Years
Aug 4, 2012
Canada Amaranth
Hello, My hen, Chatty, has had this thing going on where she is leaning back like she is going to fall over. I looked around the vent area, and found below the vent, a big red ball. It looks like her crop, but bigger, and redder. I'm posting a couple of pictures for you.
I'm sorry is they are gross for you, but this is the only way I can let you see what is wrong with her.

She stands like this, as if the big ball is so heavy it causes her to lean
like this.

This is the big red ball, could it be feed? Worms? Eggs?

Do you have any idea what is wrong with her? She doesn't really run fast, but will come when the feed is being poured. Is there a way to get rid of this?

It's probably fluid. I have one that I have to drain every few months, but I had one that died while I was trying to drain it.

How do you drain the fluid? Do you have to get a vet? Or a needle?

I'm okay with disturbing pictures. I look at gross things all the time when I first walk into my run.
How do you drain the fluid? Do you get a vet? Needle? I'm sorry for your loss, I had an ISA Brown chicken who died recently, She had a lot of trouble with prolapsed vents.

I'm all right seeing disturbing pictures.
I use a needle to drain mine, but there is probable a safer way to do it, like with one of those thing the put in your arm when they give you an IV line at the hospital. Looks like this:

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Needles are cheap, but I'm not sure that they are the safest way to drain abdominal fluid, see picture in post #6, I think that's safer, but I have no idea what they're called or where to get them.


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