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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by lockedhearts, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. lockedhearts

    lockedhearts It's All About Chicken Math

    Apr 29, 2007
    I had a BYC member contact me about Chicks. They purchased 3 Phoenix Chicks, paid me for Shipping , the chicks and the box. We checked weather for Friday and it seemed same here and where they were going so I decided to ship Friday. I placed the 3, 3 week old babies in the single box and decided for safety to include a couple of the hand warmers on one end wrapped in newspaper for warmth, if needed.
    I called my local PO and their truck picked up at 5:15 so I took the chicks and dropped them off right before 5, this way they did not have to sit around the PO very long.
    They were Guaranteed to be delivered yesterday by noon. I got home from the Show yesterday, got on the computer to find that the buyer had not received them. I called the PO Customer Service # and finally after 20 minutes and getting a supervisor I am told they are on a truck, not in the state they should be but 2 states away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am livid at this point along with being sick with worry and about to cry.
    I finally convince this supervisor to put in a request for reasearch since there is no info available other than where I dropped them off and them telling me about the truck. I tried and tried to get them to understand how critical this was, at that point the chicks had been without food or water for 24 hours.
    I called back last night 5 more times to try and get someone to do something, anything. Of course it was futile and I just kept getting "I apologize for this package being late"
    I get up this morning, no word so I call and now they tell me the research team only works M-F !!!!! So why the heck on Saturday Evening did they tell me it needed to be researched??? And why did this so called Supervisor tell me that she noted in her message to research to have someone call me this morning?????
    I sit here, sick about this whole thing and very upset that my poor babies who have known nothing but food, water, comfort and love their short lives are probably dead or dying from thirst and starvation!!!!
    I feel horrible for the buyer, they expected the PO to get these babies to them safe and sound and they are doing the same thing I am, sitting, waiting and worrying.
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  2. Shipping on Friday was your first mistake. ALWAYS ship on a Monday or Tuesday, that way they dont get stuck somewhere over the weekend.

    Also.. FYI... even though the PO says they "guarantee" birds by a certain time, technically they cannot truly guarantee anything. The PO contracts their flights with FedEx, and are at the mercy of FedEx to get things there on time. When FedEx decides to bump a bird off a flight because their isn't room, or it isn't a direct flight, it could be delayed.... Ask me how I found this out!
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  3. Cara

    Cara Songster

    Aug 30, 2007
    Why did you ship on a Friday? That leaves little room for error considering Express packages don't always arrive overnight.
  4. lockedhearts

    lockedhearts It's All About Chicken Math

    Apr 29, 2007
    Quote:I feel a little like I am being blamed here. I have shipped on Fridays before with no issues. Maybe I am old school here but when I am told "Guaranteed" I believe it. Also, the weather for early in the week was going to be colder so the decision was made to go ahead and ship while it was warmer.
  5. halo

    halo Got The Blues

    Nov 22, 2007
    My Coop
    Friday is the absolute worst day of the week to ship, even for Guaranteed Overnight. If they cant get it done in one day, they probably can in two, but if you ship on Friday, they dont even have that option, since they can't deliver on Sunday.
  6. pips&peeps

    pips&peeps There is no "I" in Ameraucana

    Jan 18, 2008
    Newman Lake, WA
    "No lives on Fridays"...........

    Just because the last pick up is at 5:15 doesn't mean that is the time lives should be picked up. They probably did not make the flight out that evening and are sitting at the airport closest to your city.
  7. Boggy Bottom Bantams

    Boggy Bottom Bantams Crowing

    Mar 9, 2008
    Hahira, GA
    This is true,
    one saving grace her is they are older birds and likly will be fine. Also, you can now get your shipping back due to them not arriving on their guarenteed time. Take the receipt back and they will issue you a refund no questions asked, I have dont it several times.
    Also, if it was Express they are SUPOSED to deliver on Sundays too.

    Hope it all works out, but yes, dont ship on Fridays, overnight is very rare any more with the Postal Service even though they say they can do it.
  8. lockedhearts

    lockedhearts It's All About Chicken Math

    Apr 29, 2007
    Look, I get now that I will never ship on Fridays again, I had shipped before on Fridays without issue. I came here to get out my frustration, something I felt I could do here. I am sitting here, getting a migraine, worrying to death and I feel like I am getting jumped on for shipping on Friday.
  9. patyrdz

    patyrdz The Madd Hatcher

    Feb 26, 2009
    Southern Pines, NC
    Ohhh, I am so sorry! I hope they get there in good health. They are probably stronger than you think, and will just need some TLC when they arrive at their new home! [​IMG]
  10. cwc362

    cwc362 Songster

    Sep 26, 2008
    Huntingdon- West Tn
    Locked hearts- Hoped everything works out okay. I've never shipped chicks , so I wouldn't have known that shipping on Fridays is not a good idea either. I've learned something here too. But don't feel bad. That's how we all learn things. Just wish it wasn't so stressful for you!! Got my fingers crossed for you!!
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