BIN 2 DOZEN Short term sale to get them out ASAP!


Senora Pollo Loco
12 Years
Sep 4, 2009
I have the following eggs ready to go to the first person to say "SOLD" in a reply and who sends appropriate funds to my paypal account ([email protected]) and pm their shipping info to me.

These were all collected on 4/14. I ran out of room and don't want to waste them. $30 plus shipping of $20 for:
2 German line NHR
4 Welsummers
7 BBS Orpington
5 Buckeye or Buckeye cross (should be all pure though)
6 BBS Cochin (LF)

These are all breeder quality or better.

Don't let them go to waste!

I cannot guarantee hatch rate once these leave my hands but I do pack them VERY well to do my best to prevent damage. However, I cannot be responsible for handling by the postal system. I will say I have been hatching from all of these breed since about February.

The eggs in the first picture are the actual eggs up for grabs.

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