BIN 6+ Gold Wheaten & Golden Cuckoo OLIVE EGGER Hatching eggs (shipping included)

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    This BIN offer is for 6 plus extra fertile hatching eggs out of my olive egger pens for first generation olive egger chicks. I'll send a lot of extras since my brooders are over flowing with these babies and I don't need to hatch more of them for awhile. Please PM me to request this egg selection. The brown eggs you will receive are the gold wheaten (Blue Wheaten Ameraucana over Black Tail Buff Marans hens) and the blue ones are the golden cuckoo (Golden Cuckoo over Ameraucana hens) Hatch rate on these has been well over 90%. Chicks are feathering wheaten, black tail buff, blue wheaten, blue tail buff, golden cuckoo, cuckoo, and blue cuckoo. While I can't guarantee your hatch rate or postal handling, fertility and a high hatch rate has been confirmed in my own incubators. Price includes shipping.
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