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    May 2, 2009
    We may be getting more pullets (day old chicks) for our excess of roosters. The place we got our first chickens was not the cleanest place and did not take the best care of the animals there. However, all of the chickens we got from there were very healthy and strong. One died from a respiratory problem that we think was genetic because his buddy was exposed to the same stuff as he and is still healthy. Another just died from egg holding. We have had them all for about three or four years now.
    My question is, although this place has some problems, would it be advisable to get more chicks from there? I would like to get chicks from a place where I can handle them and examine them before buying. Also, I don't want to bring chickens in from another place because of the risk of bringing in some new bug with them.
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    I would never buy chickens from a place like that for two reasons:

    One--buy purchasing anything from them, you are encouraging them to continue to treat their animals badly and still sell them. It would be best if you could communicate to them that you are not willing to buy anything from people that do not keep their animals in the best of situations.

    Two--you are asking for trouble!! I bought my first chickens from a similar place when I didn't know any better, and was fortunate (so far!) to have no repercussions. But there are many, many tragic stories on here of people who brought in sick animals (that appeared healthy) and had rampant illness, deaths, or had to cull their entire flock. Your chickens now could very well be carriers of a disease, and make anything else you bring in sick.

    Please get your chickens and chicks from responsible chicken growers, there are many here on BYC! and quarantine if necessary.

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