'Bird does NOT like flannel.....

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  1. Ok, so yesterday i had a sick day off of work. i had my jammies on and took a cup of coffee out to sit with 'Bird and the pickle heads for a few minutes and enjoy the sunshine and the morning birds. walked down to their tajmahal and opened the gate to go into the pen. I did not make it two steps inside before 'Bird was flogging my ankles!!!!!! Mind you 'Bird does NOT hurt his momma!!! no way no how never. This is the same big guy that drinks beer and rides the lawn mower with me.

    I immediatly picked him up like WTH???????? held him close and looked at him really hard. NOT gonna hurt my big guy. Would like to, but i know my 'Bird and that's not him.

    I have heard that they dont like red. My flannel jammie pants are a GROSS red and green plaid. (comfy though). I sat down with them and got my moring chatter and pecks from the girls. 'Bird kept his distance and kept looking at me sideways. Now I was kinda getting worried. 'Bird and I are best friends! I rolled the legs of my pants up and went over to him. He calmed down. hmmmmm wondering if the red flannel did it?

    Ok, here is where it gets good. I took them off and threw them down in a pile on the ground. ( I had shorts on anyway under them, so no biggy) 'Bird instantly attacked them!!!!! It was the funniest thing in chickendom that I have ever seen. He went balistic on them. wings a flapping, legs a flailing,etc. I was in absolute tears laughing so hard.

    "bird does NOT like red flanel. Guess it's just not fashionable??????
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    hmmm we can conclude that chickens must not be colored blind and that maybe your chicken came from spain lol
  3. well, he is definintly not Irish!!!!!! or he would like the plaid.
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    How funny. Oh yes, red really gets a rooster's attention and raises his hackles.

    My rooster, Ruby, will run after me when I am carrying the waterer with a red base and try to kick it. Sometimes I will roll the base away from me and Ruby will practically fly at it, spurs first and give it a few good kicks. He also does not like it when I wear this one pair of red work gloves - he has given them a good bite.

    I once saw a video on you tube of a rooster going after a woman's red rubber boots. NEVER BUY RED RUBBER BOOTS IF YOU HAVE A ROOSTER.
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    Red flannel... Can't say I blame him!

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    Chickens are so funny!

    Askew has always hated my orange cap.
  7. she doesn't hate the hat, she hates that is is 'askew' from your knee!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Yeah, at times, she is a bit OCD.

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