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  1. Looking for something around 12X60' to cover the top of my run... I've been using the search engines but everything is either too flimsy or way out of my $$$ reach. Anybody have any good sites/ideas?

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    May 21, 2009
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    Pacific netting out of washington, very reasonable, extremely polite and a good company to deal with it. I just a bought a 30x30 of their heaviest netting for under $100
  3. Thanks for the reply! [​IMG]
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    You can find poultry netting links on my Chicken Products page. I used the 50x50.
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    Check out Cutler Supply, in Michigan. They have heavy weight Top Rite netting in the 2" size 12.5' x 75' for $62.95. It's great netting, and has stood up well to the heavy ice and snow we've had here this winter. Cutler was very nice to deal with, and I think their prices are great.
  6. Quote:They've got some great stuff at great prices, but by the time I pay shipping, I can get it for just about as cheap locally...

    'Preciate the response though!!! [​IMG]
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    Found some light weight bird net at a local OLLIES store. I however do not have any predator problems to speak of. The net is on top of 6 foot chainlink. Also the peices are like 12by14 but easy to piece together.I just use it as a precaution against flying out only. No one has tried to fly in so far (hawks, owls etc.) Wish me luck. Knock on wood etc.
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    Mar 12, 2011
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    Forgot to say the price was under 5$. Also the label says for use for ponds, orchards etc. It may not work for permanent. I move my panels alot so I dont want to use expensive wire.
  9. [​IMG] Yea - actually, I was thinking of going with the lightweight bird netting... My actual coop is pretty big and well lit, The Chix will be in there during the night time anyway. I was just thinking of something to "DETER" the hawks [​IMG] and and Chix from flying out. The run itself will be 7' high...

    I'll have to do some checking at some of the local feed stores, TSC...etc.

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  10. Hennyannie: Is that the Hatteras or Shackleford Banks Lighthouse as your avatar?

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