Birds and bees -together.


7 Years
Jun 17, 2012
Ogden, Utah
Last year I had two bee hives in which the bees disappeared, they had done well in previous years. I know that there are many possible reasons for their disappearance, however I had made one new change. I bought 9 chickens which I allowed to free range by the hives. I was out there many times with them and never noticed the chickens bothering the bee but this year since I've put in 3 new hives, I'm wondering if perhaps the chickens could have eaten the bees. Does anyone have an answer?
Chickens and bees are able to happily coexist. I would think the 2 hives you lost were because of something other than your chickens. Sometimes you can just never figure out why you lose a hive.:(
I watch the honey bees working flower to flower in the short stemmed plants on the ground with my chickens happily pecking grass, seeds, and critters from the soil without any apparent conflict. We have bumble bees as well and no observed chicken predation of them.

OK, thanks everyone. I'd never seen a problem, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything before I turned the girls back out with the bees;-)
There have been honey bee die offs increasingly over the last few years. I have not checked back on the research, so last I heard they were not sure why. They being entymologist that study bees.
I know, I think that it has been something like a % die off nation wide! Horrible! That's one of the many reasons I keep the bees, trying to help.
Know that if you use Sevin insecticide on your birds and/or coop and/or run to control mites, that bees are very susceptible to it.
Thanks, I didn't know that however I don't use anything that is non-organic in my yard or on my animals (or insects - lol).

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