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Nov 28, 2019
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My chicken run is 50’ X 50’ of tall fence. I have half a dozen dwarf apple trees in that space as well as the coop. I have a separate “garden” that is the same size with the same 8’ tall fence. The deer are a pestilence here and putting one in the freezer each fall does nothing to keep them at bay. I want to start keeping bees for honey and as pollinators for the trees and garden. Everything I read say to start with two hives. The one in the garden is easy enough, the fence will keep most critters from bothering it (except raccoons and larger bears, both of which we have) and the bees could do their thing in the garden. How about in the chicken yard? Anybody keep bees with chickens? Do chickens eat bees or will a sting or two deter them? Will a bee sting harm chickens? Man, so many questions. I figured the diversity of this group would be the place to ask. I asked on one of the bee keeping forums last week and haven’t gotten so much as a single reply.


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Jul 11, 2014
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I didn’t see your post in the honey thread, But this came up now as a similar thread.

My chickens don’t bother the bees and the bees don’t seem to bother the chickens


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Sep 23, 2015
Anybody keep bees with chickens? Do chickens eat bees or will a sting or two deter them?
Some Beek's got chickens to go with there bee's because they can dig up and eat the hive beetles. They may eat some but I don't think you could tell a difference in the numbers. Scissortail fly catchers (OK's state bird) or other birds could be a bigger problem.

Sorry about the delay.

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