Birth defect in an Angora buckling


Jul 8, 2015
Kansas City, MO
Hi all,
One of our Angora does gave birth to a full term buckling this morning. He was born with what appeared to be some of his intestines and at least 1 other organ outside of his body. I'm looking for more information about this.. What is it called? Is this common or rare? Will this doe be able to give birth to a healthy kid again? So many questions.. I hope you all have answers/insight!
Thank you
I have only seen this once or twice. There is a name for it but I forget what it is called. It isn't common but it isn't really rare either. It occurs in humans, too. It is my understanding that it is a congenital defect and not hereditary. Meaning it is a mistake in development and it is not likely to recur. The doe I knew who had a kid like the one you describe went on to have healthy babies in subsequent pregnancies.

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