Birthday Activities?

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    We are planning this pretty late, but I will be turning 19 on Dec. 31 and I am not sure how many friends can go so far (the youth group is going on a trip durring my birthday) but I figure there will be at least maybe two people...Anyways for my birthday it is traditional to go to Alabama to our hunting camp and have some fun for a few days. Normally we arrive to the house and unpack, then the next day we head out to my dad's friends large acreage where we go down tons of trails, fish, and my all time favorite part: hunt for sharks teeth and other cool things like arrowheads in the creek on his land. The creek cuts through some hills with a beautiful forest and not only is it fun to look for the sharks teeth on the sand banks amidst the pebbles, but it is fun exploring. The problem is this friend has not been so good to my dad, and my dad now does not want much to do with him. Also, there will bea big group of guys hunting on the land now too, so I litterally have no idea what to do. Year after year we do the same thing, but it is always fun fishing, exploring the creek, and ridding the trails (in a ranger) but now that my favorite activity is gone and I just found out about that too, I am feeling kind of at a loss for what to do that would be fun...

    So far we do have one thing we can do though...There is a place we still can go to. It is a bamboo forest and we like to tape fake money to some of the bamboo and hide it in the dead canes and things and then we all run into the forest and whoever collects the most money, wins. We have done that for a few years and it is really fun. This year we might try it with candy! I know this all sounds kind of funny maybe since I will be 19, but what can I say I love doing stuff like that. XD My friends do too... XD

    My mom said maybe we could have a golf competition where we have to get a golf ball into a bucket. We might do that.

    We do have access to some hunting land my dad rents out. My dad suggested we do a lot of ridding around. It is not that fun to ride around at the hunting camp because there is less scenery and we want to do more than just ridding around.

    So basically I need some fun ideas of things to do... The hunting camp is a big old house, so we could play hide and seek which I still love to play... [​IMG]

    Any other ideas? Are there some fun games we could play outside that you know of? Any indoor games too? I really like adventure and playing around if that helps...

    In the meantime I will try and come up with some ideas too just incase...

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    I would say just to do what you enjoy - it's your BIRTHDAY!


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