Bizarre looking silkie chick

The Moonshiner

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Nov 17, 2016
I'm not trying to be flippant but I don't know how people cross breeds and/or varieties and expect some predetermined outcome or are then surprised with what they get.
If one doesn't mate hens and cocks of the same breed and variety, there is no breeding true to the expectation.
For the most part I disagree.
Sure if you breed two birds together that are the same variety you'll know what to expect but if you cross two different varieties together and you know and understand the genetics you can also know what to expect.
Sometimes oddities oe variations occur but that can also happen with breeding pure.
Pure varieties breed true because they are homozygous and have no choose but to pass on the same color/pattern genes as both parents have.
When you cross varieties you know what genes will be passed from both sides so if you understand what the mix will result in its not much harder to know what to expect then when breeding like parents.

Your chick is extended black/ partridge. If you look up partridge you can see what that pattern looks like and how some of that pattern is showing through the extended black.
Extended black is dominate to partridge but when crossed it hardly ever covers it completely.
You chick is also appears silver based instead of gold. The buff rooster is gold based so your hen must be silver based. Silver is dominate to gold so my guess is that your chick is a male and is silver/gold.
Silver/gold is sex linked so since the rooster is gold based he could only produce gold based pullets.
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