black and white eggs??

There is a picture of quail eggs on the very far right if you scroll down a few times. They are a light tan with black/dark brown splotches.

I was not able to see the picture you linked to-- it just turned it back to the generic google page.

Quail eggs come in lots of different colors. The base is light brown to greenish. The spots can be tiny or very large, and can range from dark brown to purplish. According to this research, each quail knows what kind of egg it lays and puts it in the right spot to hide it best.
Here is the picture I believe the OP is referring to.
Yes!! I love them! Anyone eat quail??
The eggs, yes. The birds, no. We are vegetarian. ;-)

Our 16 quail provide our family of four enough eggs to meet our own needs, and I also have a man who buys 3 dozen from us every other week.

The eggs taste the same as fresh chicken eggs. Hard boiled eggs are fun for the kids to eat and only take 6 minutes to boil. The raw eggs are tough to break and I use a knife! And let me tell you, it's labor intensive to crack 2 dozen eggs for a family sized omelette! But I feel good that we have cruelty free eggs. I wish we were allowed to keep chickens though-- the quail stink really bad if I get behind on daily maintenance of their coop.

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