Black and white splashy looking...what is this chick?


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Apr 16, 2009
Flippin, AR
I have a mystery here... Actually, I have about 90 mysteries... but just this one for today. What is it? What Gender? Came from McMurray's in a pullet assortment of Brown egg layers. It's 4 weeks old.



Oh, My...I didn't realize the pics were so blurry. Sorry. It has a split looking kind of comb. I got 3 of these.

Here's a pic added of some of the crew. They think they're hiding from me.


I think the big white ones are JG. I also spotted some BR. Beyond that, it's anybody's guess.
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I second that!

Unfortunately, several of my "pullets" are starting to look like roos. Hatchery only promised 90% accuracy. Since I only ordered 100 Pullets, but ended up with 106, I expect 16 or less in roos. If it turns out to be more, McMurray is gonna hear from me!
Robin'sBrood :

I'm going to guess the first chick is a SLW, and with the amount of white on it I'm going to guess it's a cockerel.

Really? The roos have more white? I did order 1 SLW roo with my pullets...maybe this is him? He's supposed to be my Mom's Birthday present. Along with 5 RIR or Comet pullets.​
Well I hope SLW are good eating, cause I have 3 of these with a lot of white. I also have several that have more black, so they should be my girls? I am looking forward to seeing this bunch all grown up. It is gonna be a colorful flock of ladies (and gents).

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