Black Australorp Genders (lots of pics)


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Apr 19, 2011
Hi everyone, I am raising my first chickens -- 4 sweet australorps. However, we live in a city where we cannot keep roosters, so I'd like some help sexing my chicks. I gave them all girl names (bonus points if you guess the theme!), but I am pretty sure I have at least two roos. They are 6 weeks old. I would love your opinions!

Chick #1 --Ainsley.

Comb and wattles are pretty large and pinkish-red


Here are the legs. I don't really know what to look for on legs, but have seen on these message boards that it is important


And Ainsley's full-body shot

Chick #2 -- AnnaBeth. kind of a bully and always trying to chest bump/tackle the others.

AnnaBeth has the biggest and reddest features


and the legs


Full body AnnaBeth...he/she doesn't like to hold still very long, so my shoulder was the best place we could get the pic

Chick #3 -- Margaret

Margaret's comb is a little smaller than the first two, and has quite a bit of black/gray in it. the wattles are also smaller than the other two


The legs


Full view of Margaret

Chick #4 -- Claudia Jean. I am 99% she is a pullet!

very small, yellowish/orange comb and barely visible wattles


lady legs?


and CJ from the side

So what do you guys think? I am kind of afraid I might have 3 roos and a pullet
Well Ms. Laura I am only on my second batch of Austra's but that is what ya' got....3 Boys one Girlie.....Maybe you could bribe a city official ad keep them all..
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Thanks everyone...Three roos was what I was afraid of
Guess I need to start finding them new homes for the boys and find a few more pullets to keep Claudia Jean company! I am sad I can't keep at least one rooster because BA's roos are so beautiful!
So it looks like I need to be looking for some new pullets to keep CJ company! If I can't find some the same age as her, would be better to get chicks that are a little older or a little younger than she is?
Okay, I have made arrangements to re-home my three suspect roosters this weekend, so I just wanted to bump this thread to the top one more time and get a few more opinions. So far, everyone here is in agreement that I have three roos, but I would hate to give them away if there was any doubt because I am quite fond of these little boys.

So does anyone see multiple pullets here? Maybe if you squint or stand on your head and look at them?

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