Black Australorp Rooster in San Jose, CA - ideas?


9 Years
Apr 4, 2013
Turns out my sweet little Buckwheat is a Buck. He is not aggressive, but he does crow in the morning, all morning. I notice my eggs are all fertilized, so he is active as well. My guess is those Future Farmers are not 100% on the sexing of those chicks.

He needs to leave my coop today. I have 2 choices. I can trade him at the feed store in Gilroy or I can surrender him at the Animal Shelter (where I have been assured he will not be euthanized).

I am looking for either a better idea or help in my decision.
Thank you. Julie
The end result is that I turned him in at a feed store about 30 miles from my home, out where Roosters are welcome. They were happy to add him to their selection of roosters and I feel like he is in a good place. When I told them the breed over the phone they were quite excited to add him to their flock. I purchased my latest batch of chicks through a fund raiser for the local FFA. The store that hosted the sale suggested the feed store where I eventually took him. He really is such a sweet guy, I know he will enjoy it there, lots of friends and I am sure he will find a good situation. In the mean time, my flock has resolved all of their pecking order issues and accepted the younger girls without a problem. Turns out that rooster was causing the division of the flock. It was a win-win situation and I am glad it is over with such little fanfare.

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