Black Copper Marans Rooster, Breeder Quality, in Oakland CA

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    Jun 4, 2012
    I am looking for a new home for Desi Arnaz Rooster, my one-year old, breeder-quality, Black Copper Marans, broody-hatched from a Papa's Poultry egg. He is pretty docile, not at all aggressive to adults or kids or other chickens, and lets me put him in his mancave at night without a fuss. He treats his ladies well, but I worry that's he's just too big for the bantams, and so I'm considering keeping one of the bantam cockerels he fathered instead (see my other ad). Between his no-crow collar and the man cave, my neighbors have not complained, but he may be too loud for some suburban areas. It's a tough decision for me, because he's gorgeous and I know he's a good boy. I'm looking for the best possible home for him, where he'll be valued for his beauty and good nature and will not be caged in a pen all day. He's used to ranging daily in my large yard in the Oakland Hills.
    I won't ship, but I would consider taking him a reasonable distance to the right home.

    I'm also looking for homes for 1 or 2 of the bantam/BCM cross cockerels. The first pic below is Frankie, whose mom is an unknown bantam breed, possibly Sebright. I rescued Frankie from being pecked to death as a runt, and then he was raised by a third broody mom. Diego's mom is a bantam frizzled cochin, and the one I'm mostly likely to keep. I would consider $5 for either of them.
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