Black dots


6 Years
Apr 20, 2014
I just started with chickens. We have 2 barred Plymouth Rock hens. We have had them for about 10 months, and they are now one year old. No problems so far, both are laying one egg a day or every other day. Yesterday I noticed very tiny black dots on one of their crowns. I found no injuries or anything on her. I was able to take a wet paper towel and most of it came off. Is this the results from fighting, mites, pox or what?
Does the other one have it as well? Do they seem to get along well? You may want to get some mite stuff just to be sure, but it could just be scabs from other things, did it look bloody?
I found a small place on the "dominant" hen. It did not appear bloody like a wound. Checked the coop and didn't see anything crawling. How big are mites? The black dots were less than half of a sesame seed. I didn't see any legs on them, but my eyes aren't the best. There was a little bit of white, like a residue or dust there. Would it be worth a trip to the vet? I tried to upload a pic of the black dots that came off. My chicken would not hold still for a pick. How do you know if it from fighting?

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