Black hen breed?


Jul 12, 2019
Sorry she moves around a lot. And is constantly chasing bugs so its really hard to get pics of her.

Shes black all over except under her feet are pale yellowish. And yellow/red (I cant tell) cheek and around her eyes. Her feathers are black and have grey as well.

We call her Asia

I have two that look very much like that. Mine where hatched from pale brown eggs that I believe were from my glw or slw hens. My rooster is an Easter egger. I'm hoping for green eggs.
Here is a picture of one of them.
Sounds like a nice flock of girls. And sounds like my kind of luck. I always have an overabundance of cockrells.

Luckily I like roosters. I enjoy hens and their eggs are delicious so I am happy. Theyre very friendly and they always chill out with me.

I have 10 hens that I went out and bought that will eventually join them. I bought 4 golden comets, 4 rhode island reds, and 2 sapphire gems. So they should even things out hahaha.

If shes an olive egger then I really like that breed. Runs around and mostly eats. Very good at foraging.

Their eggs are green right? Ive only had small white and really light tan eggs so far.


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