Black Mottled Japanese Bantam Hatching Eggs 6


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9 Years
May 26, 2010
in the adirondacks
These are my daughters Japanese Bantams.
Here she is with one of my EE hens

She is offering 6 black mottled Japanese hatching eggs. Extras if available- or extras can be from the BTB if you so choose that option.
PM if you have questions.

Last fall at the poultry show she placed BOB with one of her hens and BOSB with one of her roosters.



all of them in there pen please forgive there spring molt and frostbit comb issues.

fertility has been good but can't guarantee that you will have a good hatch due to shipping issues, incubation varitables etc.
But each egg will be individually bubble wrapped and well packed.

I have participated in swaps and all the eggs have made it to there destinations.

Chicks hatched from these guys this year.

oh paypal to and pm me here when you have paid.
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