Black or Blue Rosecomb? IS it even a Rosecomb?

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Let me tell you I have stared at the Rosecomb Federation page for 7 weeks now, trying to figure out WHAT color this roo(?) is/will be. I have almost decided he is a Black n Blue roo (
just kidding).

Smokie (believe he is a Rosecomb Roo but perhaps I am wrong?)

When he was a bitty (ok…bittier than now)

rosecombs have white lobes and ...rosecombs. I can't tell from those pics... maybe use the other link and not the thumbnail one.

eta: Duh, you just have to click on it and it gets bigger
...still don't see the lobes but they can come in later... saw the rest of your album and see that you do have some other rosecombs so I would have to agree that, yes, that is a blue rosecomb.
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He's a blue and looks like he may be a rosecomb. If he is, he will develop white earlobes as he matures.
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What is a rosecomb? I'm buying some silkies tomorrow and the girl wants to give me a rosecomb (maybe 3/4 rosecomb 1/4 silkie) so he/she won't be alone. I know nothing about this breed so any info is appreciated. Are they banty or standard? What do I look for when sexing and when can they be sexed. Are they winter hardy? And anything else I need to know.

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