Black (split Lav.) true Araucana cockerel f/s will ship or P/U @ farm!


Pigs DO Fly!!
10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
New Tripoli PA
I have a tailed Araucana cockerel that needs a new home. He is a nice boy - has never been mean to anybody including any of the other chickens. He does come from rumpless stock, and was hatched from a blue egg. My boy is a standard Araucana, and would be great to create some of your own olive-egger chickens! He is out of a split lavender hatching, so he does carry the lavender gene. He is about 5-6 months old, and is not crowing yet. He has dark legs and a nice clean pea comb. Any other questions are welcome, just ask! I will also try to get better pics if needed
The box is included in the shipping cost, and I will only ship on a Monday or Tuesday, Express mail to ensure that he arrives at his new home safely.



Here you can see the green sheen he has to his feathers:

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