black spoted combs


7 Years
Oct 31, 2012
My chicks have black spots on their combs. I thought it was dirt and then noticed more than one has it. I have not tried anything. Any suggestions?
I am just getting my flock over fowl pox, it could be that ( no cure ) not fatal unless its wet pox ( inside mouth and down throat ) here is a pic of what my buff orp Bertha looked like.the black spots will fall off in 3-4 weeks then they are immune for life, and yes eggs still eatable. :)
p.s. iodine will help dry it faster someone told me here and it worked! Not in eyes though. I sure hope your flock feels better.
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Thank you for your help. I was thinking it was fowl pox but the spots are not wort like. i am glad it will go away and is not life threatning.
Most commonly the pox spots look like a fungus or moldy circle. This year I have just had some odd looking manifestations of the pox...but these have been in my birds that do not have normal combs.
It does not look like pox. It could be, however doubtful. It looks like a dirty comb, or a comb that is stressed by pecking, biting, lice, etc..wash it with soap and water, apply oil and take another picture. compare the pictures. Hopefully it looks better, cleaner. Spray Neem oil on roosts and that should help.

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