Black spots / sores on comb, lethargic rooster


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Apr 19, 2022
Please help with any suggestions. I’m so worried. 20C7C26D-E212-434C-AEDE-B4693305B427.jpeg My Buff Orpington rooster is 14 weeks old and suddenly developed these black sore spots on his comb. He is extremely lethargic. I have him separated from the flock and have been treating his comb with antifungal and antibacterial creams
. I have been giving him water with vitamins and vinegar (1 TBSP per gallon) with a syringe and coaxing him to eat a little. It’s been about 2 full days now. He will barely walk. Mostly sits in one spot. Very loose dark stools.

Is it Dry pox?

The rest of the flock of 7 hens seem totally fine and normal acting.

Thank you for any advice. I’m new to chickens.
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Where are you located in the world?

It may be Fowl Pox. Are there any lesions inside his beak?

He's quite pale and yellow looking, what do you feed?

I'd work on hydration, then get him eating a little bit. Take care when applying ointments/creams, disturbing the scabs of Fowl Pox can make it spread. Sometimes the lesions are best left alone. If you feel you must put something on the comb, then Iodine may be a better choice, spray it or dab lightly to the scabs with a qtip careful not to disturb scabs.
Keep his water clean and sanitized. Fowl Pox is a virus which has to run it's course.

Here's some reading for you. insects, most notably, mosquitoes. More
Thank you so much! I live in Georgia, north of Atlanta, where it has been sweltering heat this summer.

He made it thru the night and walked over to me slowly this morning about 2 feet. He took water from syringe but no food. Then he laid back down and won’t get back up. I’m checking on him every 2 hours. He does seem a little better.

I haven’t noticed any lesions inside beak but I will look better. I read the article - thank you!! I will follow those instructions.

I am feeding them Nature’s Best Organic Chick Starter / Grower. I think it’s almost time to graduate to the Layer feed. They are all 14 weeks old. I understand at 18 weeks that is when to switch them. I bought Purina Layena pellets. I assume I should transition with half- half for a week or so.

Thank you for any advice!
Can he drink on his own if you hold a large spoon or a cup up to his beak?

You can transition to layer feed if you wish. I usually leave them on starter or an all flock until they all come into lay, but there shouldn't be a problem to switch the pullets to layer feed.
For the cockerel, I'd provide him extra protein if you are going to feed him layer feed too.
I just offered him water in a measuring cup and he did drink for himself - not much but he did it a few times. Thank you for your help! I’m looking forward to posting a heathy pic soon!

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