black star and golden comets question

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    Jul 12, 2010
    Just wondering ... I think the breeding for this "hybrid" chicken is barred rock and RIR. Can anyone point me in the direction of more information.... I know they also call the golden comets, red girls... Thanks.
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    Jul 12, 2010
    Thanks rareroo and Celtic hill... Rareroo I can manage your link easier... I will have to sit and really read and try to remember university genetics for the other link. I have a buff orpington roo and a silkie roo and potential to get a barred roo. My hens are below in my signature. I really like my Red girls, love their personalities. I thought raising and breeding some of my own I may get stronger hens... I think I am having issues with ones I have from the breeder... they are raised on antibiotics and seem to be compromised when taken off them... have lost many ... thanks for the links.
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    If you are trying to "create" a sex link what you could do is --
    Cross your Buff Orp Rooster over your Columbian Rocks you should get (sex-linked) Yellow/ Golden Males and Gold/ Buff Females now you can then take a F1 Yellow/ Golden Male and cross him with you Barred Rock Hens and you should get (sex-linked) Barred Males and Black Females.

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    DH has black star/black sex links. He put his barred rock hens in with a RIR or New Hampshire Rooster. ( I can't remember which he is.) We have our second batch of black star/black sex links in the incubator now.
    The males have a white dot on the head when they are hatched which is how you sex them [​IMG] Also as they grow the males are barred and the females aren't.

    He told me how to do the golden comet/red sex links but I have forgotten. If you still need to know, I can ask him this afternoon.

    ETA: I *think* it involves Buff Orpington or SL Wyandottes or something or other. But NOT sure on that. He was telling me too much that day [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yes, and the same BO roo x BR hens will be sex-link chicks also Barred males/black-golden females. [​IMG]

    Happy hatching,

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