Black x White swan. Is that possible.?

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    so my fiancé just found out black swans are a thing. (Newbie) Ive had lots of poultry before , not swans though. But I got offered some eggs. For free. Can't pass that up. Haha. But she asked me a question, and now I have one. I know genetics of chickens,guineas,and peafowl, but not swans. Can a black swan and a white swan reproduce together? Will the babies be mixed, or some black and some white or what? Thanks in advance, cole.
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    Cant help you with your genetic question, but can help you with the following. SWANS ARE WORTH LOTS AND LOTS OF KASH.... I know its cash. Regardless of color. Consider yourself mighty lucky to get any swan eggs. Are you using incubator??? I assumed but still asking.

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    Apr 4, 2016
    Yea I'm using my still air incubator, never had a problem hatching eggs with it. We'll see. I'll keep everyone updated.
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    You made me curious, and since I didn't know I tried looking it up for both of us. I guess it depends on which white swan you mean. Apparently black swans have been known to hybridize occasionally with mute swans and rarely with some others like whooping swans, and the adult offspring tend to be a mottled grey or smoky grey color. Swans have also been known to hybridize with Canadian and domestic geese, and apparently the birds from that cross are called a Swoose or Sweeses.
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