Blah Eggs


Dec 13, 2017
Mass Hilltowns
Since my chickens haven't been free ranging, the eggs are BLAH.

Like, I'm even turned off from eating them at all. Just ick.

Literal butt nuggets.


What do you do to have tasty eggs when birds don't free range?
Sounds like you enjoy the bug protein. ;) In truth your free range eggs contain a lot more beta carotine and Vitamin A. If they are not free ranging, you basically have the equivalent of cage-eggs (although I assure you that your cage is better than the poor girls whose eggs end up in the grocery store!). But really at the end og the day what you like- as weird/gross as it may sound- is a bird who is getting lots of bugs and worms and things. Barring feeding them live crickets from the store... which is a riot to watch as long as you are not a cricket- or getting some form of specialty hen food you're likely out of options.

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