Bleeding Duck Beak

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    My Indian Runner Roadie was attacked by a hawk this afternoon, she has what looks like a scratch on her beak but it is bleeding. I have her in the garage resting, with some hay. I ran her a lukewarm bath so she could have a bath and I could determine how badly her beak was bleeding. From the outside it seems to have stopped but not sure if damage goes all the way through, what is happening inside her mouth. There is no point using cornstarch as the outside looks to be dry, of course when I put her in the bath it started to bleed again when it got wet. Its Sunday night and I am an hour and 1/2 from a vet, maybe even 2.5 depending on whos up to fixing a duck. Am I doing the right thing to wait until morning. I know the hawk maybe punctured her in a couple spots but I am not as worried about that, not bleeding and she seems happy enough - had a good wash in the bath, the hawk was on her for 2 seconds before I scared it away, all very fast.
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